Home Heating Ideas Colorado Springs

home heating ideas Colorado Springs

Home Heating Ideas Colorado Springs Home Owners Can Use

When those winter winds start blasting out of the mountains your home can go from warm and cozy to cold in moments. We have a few home heating ideas Colorado Springs home owners can start using today.

The first thing we recommend to any home owner in Colorado is to take a walk around your home. No, we are not sending you outside to brave the weather. Take a walk from room to room and check your windows. Are they sealed tightly? Do you still feel any breezes around the windows? How cold do the windows feel?

Your windows account for a lot of the heat loss in your home. If you can get a tighter seal on your windows you will feel warmer and reduce your heating costs.

Second, you need to think back. When was the last time you changed the air filter in your furnace? When is the last time you had your furnace cleaned and serviced?

Your furnace may be struggling to move air with a dirty filter. This can make it feel like it takes longer to warm up your house. It only takes a few moments to replace the filter. You should replace it at least ever 3 months, but every month is preferable.

If it has been years since your furnace was cleaned and serviced, it might be time. A professional can make sure it is running as efficiently as possible and putting out heat as quickly as possible. You may want to quiz the technician about how much range is set on your thermostat, also.

The range is how cool the room needs to become before the furnace kicks into action and how warm it gets before it kicks off. If it seems like it takes forever for it to come back on, ask if it makes sense to adjust the range.

One of the best home heating ideas Colorado Springs home owners should think about is upgrading their thermostat. Think about how much money you might be wasting with an older style thermostat. Does your home stay toasty warm all day while you are at work and the kids are in school? A modern thermostat can drop the temperature a few degrees during the weekday hours and then have the house back up to a comfortable temperature when you get home.

You might even want to consider having the thermostat drop the temperature down a couple of degrees while you sleep. It might make a night time dash to the bathroom a little colder, but you save money and the house can be warm when you wake up.

Another idea many home owners in the area have used is to have smaller room heaters installed. You can keep the overall heat of the house lower but keep the rooms you are in comfortable. If used carefully, this idea can reduce your overall heating bill.

Of course, living around the mountains leaves one choice most of us like on occasion. Do you have a fireplace? Stoke up a small fire while you consider these few idea to make your winters warmer in Colorado Springs.

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